Well-Paid Jobs at Casinos to Look into

Land-based casinos offer employment opportunities and well-paid jobs to professionals looking to work as slot and pit supervisors and slot hosts.

Casinos offer well-paid jobs to millions of people around the world, whether in the form of salaried employment or tipping. Some positions are better paid than others, examples being slot hosts, pit bosses, and slot supervisors.

Pit Boss

Also known as gaming or pit supervisor, the pit boss is tasked with overseeing all employees on the casino floor, including security guards, maintenance workers, servers, cashiers, and dealers.  The gaming supervisor also approves sick days and requests for vacation time, creates work schedules, and trains and hires new casino employees. Managers also work to ensure that customers are satisfied, especially high-rollers, regular players, and members of loyalty programs, They can, for example, offer complimentary perks such as discounts, room upgrades, and free meals or stays. In addition, the pit boss oversees all paperwork, including shift reports, table credit and fill slips, inventory sheets, and other documents required under relevant legislation. The salary of pit supervisors varies by experience and casino establishment and can range between about $57,000 and $110,000.

Slot Supervisors

Whether you like playing baccarat, sagaming, or roulette, chances are you’ve played sots or at least are familiar with the rules. Well, slot supervisors are sure to know every little detail. Also called slot technician, floor runner, and contract runner, they monitor the functioning of gaming machines and coin dispensers to ensure safety and quality. Additionally, slot supervisors are tasked with equipment maintenance and adjustments and minor repairs such as coin jams and machine tilts.  They also respond to visitor inquiries, handle gaming transactions, and prepare records and operational reports. In some cases, floor runners oversee service workers who deal cards, tend slot machines, pay out winnings or take bets. They are also authorized to enforce safety rules and regulations and can remove visitors who are cheating, disruptive, intoxicated, or underage.

Slot supervisors are paid between $55,000 and $100,000, again based on casino property and experience.

Slot Hosts

Not all casinos have slot hosts but typically bigger gaming establishments like in Atlantic City and Las Vegas. Yet, they have multiple responsibilities such as acting as concierge, offering special deals and comps, and explain any giveaways, programs, and promotions that the casino offers. Working under moderate supervision, the role of hosts is also to ensure compliance with all casino policies, procedures, and regulations. They deal with complaints, disputes, and questions in a professional and diplomatic way and refer unsettled issues to the manager on duty, slot supervisor, or slot director.

Most establishments also require that employees have no visible tattoos or facial piercing. This job requires excellent communication skills and good computer literacy and at least a high school diploma.  In addition to their regular salary, hosts are also offered commission bonuses at some casinos.


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