5 Popular Online Baccarat Variations You Can Play To Win A Good Amount

If you want to try fun alternatives of Baccarat, you can try its different online variations and win the best odds.

Many casinos across the globe offer fun variations of the online Baccarat game. Baccarat was first played in the middle ages in Italy, and its first variation included the worst possible hand, and the value of the tens and its face card is zero. But, as the game has gained much attention, many variations of the Baccarat game have emerged. However, the players in many countries are still seen playing the Mini Baccarat version only.

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Let us now look at some popular online baccarat variations that one can play at online casinos.

Mini Baccarat

This is one of the famous versions of online and offline casinos globally. In the classic baccarat game, there are 8 players and has three dealers. Whereas, in the Mini Baccarat version, you can play the game with seven players, and only one dealer is required who acts as the banker and the dealer. You can even play this game with the lowers bets too.


It is an Australian baccarat version hybrid of the Blackjack and Baccarat versions. The game got its name because of its hybrid gaming nature. You also play against the dealer, and the scoring in this game works like the regular baccarat game. You and the dealer will get 2 cards that will be face-up and face down. The 7-points hands on the players will let you win half of what you have bet, and the 9-point tie will result in the player winning.

Punto Banco

This baccarat version is the same as the traditional classic card game version. The card game is played using the six standard decks of the 52 cards. The betting option remains the same in the classic Baccarat, where you can place your stake on the player or the banker.  A maximum of 12 players can participate in this game. The tie in Punto Banco states that the banker and player cards are equal.

European Baccarat

This baccarat version is also the same as the classic Baccarat, and it aims to tell whether the player or the banker will score higher with the ‘2 or 3’d hand. The cards in this variant have specific values like face cards with 0 points, Ace cards with 1 point, and the remaining cards will have their face values according to the cards. Here, the banker gets the funds from the casino and not the player. Only a person with a higher bet amount can play this version.

2 to 1 Baccarat

You can play this baccarat version like the regular Baccarat, but you will not be charged the commission on your winning bets. If there are three-card total, the player and the banker bets will pay at 2:1. All the tie games in this version are losses and not pushes. House edge for the punter is kept at 3.62%, and for a banker, it is 2.2%. So, it is advisable to stick with the banker bet.


Players from across the globe can play any of these variations and win a considerable amount of money. If you are lucky, you can clinch a good amount of bonuses.


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