Fun and interesting facts you should know about poker

Get some truly interesting facts about pokerlounge99 and poker in general. Find out if you are really so informed about poker game.

Poker is a beloved gambling product. It’s a game we’ve been playing for centuries. Through the years it has been changing a lot. But there’s something that might never change. Gamblers will never stop loving poker. And novices in the field will never stop being interested in.

Poker is about fun, no doubts. Even though, it’s the game that can bring some of the biggest profits in a casino, it’s also entertaining and stimulates our minds a lot. So, yes poker is fun and interesting.

Speaking of which, here are a couple of fun and interesting facts you should on mandatory add to your poker knowledge:

  1. Texas Hold Em, which is the most popular poker format, is actually illegal in…Texas. It’s truly strange to know that the game with such a name can be banned in an American state with the same name. But there’s something you should know – poker wasn’t invented in Texas and eventually banned. It’s just made by poker lovers born in Texas.
  2. Poker has been pointed as the only suitable game to learn if you are about to join the gambling world aiming to make long-term profits rather than registering short-term wins. It’s a statement made by some of the biggest casino providers and confirmed by a lot of gamblers who have already living their lives thanks to the wins they made.
  3. Certain poker games in pokerlounge99 have better odds even than the odds of the slot machines, which tend to be described as the casino products with the best odds. To be more specific, we are talking about the video poker games. Many poker lovers prefer them to Omaha and Texas Hold Em for this specific reason. Well, it’s not a bad reason at all.
  4. According to the stats the players, who eventually get a Royal Flush are only those who usually take the biggest risk in the game. It’s a fact that has been calculated based on the poker games in tournament sessions.
  5. Poker has even its own doctor. We are talking about Lee Nelson. He’s a talented doctor from New Zealand, who’s very popular for its poker passion. Due to this, a lot of poker players from all over the country tend to desire to become his patients even without having some concrete or serious health conditions or diagnoses.
  6. There are more than 300 million combinations of poker hands made of 7 cards. We cannot count them all. But it’s not about listing them all. It’s about considering how many chances you actually get in poker.
  7. Some countries consider poker game as a sport discipline. On the other side, if remaining in the gambling world, there’s a big number of bookmakers who claim that poker has been still the most lucrative discipline in the whole world.


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