Top preferred slot game types nowadays

Check out, please, the most selected games when players login osg777. Find out which the top preferred slot machines in the internet are nowadays and see if you have played all of them.

Slots are so many that it might be a bit tough to categorize them. Some experts believe that the best way for such a chart is grouping the slot games depending on who has made them – the developer company. Other companies believe, though, that slots can be either standard or such with progressive jackpots. According to many slot lovers, the slot categorization is nothing else, but types of slots – 3D, classical, adventure.

We are not writing this aiming to make any disputes. On the contrary, we do agree that slots are too many and pointing out the best way to distinguish the different types is hard. What we, though, are interested in is what the standard player loves today. Basically, we prefer to separate the most loved slots from those that are less popular or not so played at all.

According to this system of ours, we have made the following groups of slots – the most preferred slot game types nowadays:

  1. Slot games with progressive jackpots. There’s something logical and something weird in this player’s selection. First of all, progressive slots are twice harder to be won. However, second of all, the slot games with progressive jackpots bring much higher profits in case of a win.
  2. Video slot games. Many of the contemporary casino players these days count on the modern touch in the internet casino industry. They stick to the latest technologies. They love video slots today, but they also expect the virtual reality to appear in the sphere of online slots to try an even more revolutionary gameplay.  
  3. Adventure slot games. From all the slot machine genres we have met through the years we know something for sure – the adventure slots are the top preferred. Of course, there are thousands lovers of movie slots or book slots. But there are millions of players in total and most of them prefer the adventure element in the casino gameplay.
  4. Slots in an Asian styled. Recently, we observe a huge breakthrough for the Asian gambling companies to make in both – the local market and the global industry. The typical thing about the Asian gambling product is that they have a hybrid element, as well as an authentic atmosphere available only in Asian culture, literature, traditions and regions. There are even specially tailored websites only with Asian slots. If you right now login osg777 you will get the fastest access to these spectacular and amazing slot types.

What about you? Do you have your own way to sort out the different types of slots? And can you be specific enough to point out only one type of slot machine you are mostly keen in? Don’t hesitate to share with us.


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