Here are some wrong poker approaches recommended by a lot of intermediate players

The intermediate player will tell you some tips about pokergalaxy, but you shouldn’t trust him. These are the worst tips a player with such a level can give you.

In the field of online poker, we can point out a couple of groups of players depending on their skills and experience. Of course, the first group incorporates the beginners. They have just opened their first pokergalaxy accounts and they are super thrilled and enthusiastic. Then, we have the average poker players. This group of players incorporates the people who have successfully moved from the stage of an early bird in the online poker sphere to a level with more experience and a chance to make good decisions at the poker table. Then, right before the pros that shouldn’t be explained and determined at all, we see the intermediate players. The bad thing about these intermediate players is that they believe they are super talented and experienced, but actually they need years of experience until they reach the pros.

What is even worse about the intermediate players is that they commonly understand themselves as teachers. They are very self-confident and sometimes, even try to teach the beginners in the field. And this is how a novice in online poker might totally spoil his or her first steps in the game.

The worst tips about online poker we have ever heard have come, by the way, in 78% of the cases from intermediate poker players. These tips are even worse than the tips you can get from a beginner, who has recently strictly read an entire heap of poker books and the basics are still in his head.

What we try to tell you is that you should be careful when you receive a tip from an intermediate player, especially a tip like these:

  1. Playing free poker doesn’t have any point. Actually, it’s worth it. It’s worth it a lot. For a beginner in the field it’s essential to see how the game exactly works. It’s also very essential for him not to lose his savings for his first gambling steps. Testing the online poker experience in a free game is more than amazing. It’s beneficial. But the average players can also take benefits from the free poker mode games. They can test their new strategies and even see if they are good in bluffing.
  2. Speaking of which, poker is generally how good you are in bluffing. Bluffing is indeed something that if you can master, can bring you lots of profits. However, there are a lot of players who are fantastic in poker games, but they are very bad in bluffing. A poker game can be won without bluffing, no doubts. However, if a player cannot bluff at all, make it obvious – he will soon lose all of his money.
  3. If you are a woman, switch to the easy slot games rather than playing poker. Such a tip comes from a player who believes in the myth that poker is a man’s game. There’s nothing like this. Not only after the appearance of the option to play poker in the internet, but even from the beginning of poker mania female players used to be very good. And very dangerous!


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