Casino Jobs That the Gambling Industry Offers

Casino resorts offer a wealth of job opportunities, including positions such as gaming dealer, blackjack dealer, and sportsbook writer

When you think of casino cities, the first thing that probably comes to mind is Sin City in Las Vegas. Lake Tahoe and Reno are also home to some of the biggest and most popular US gaming establishments. But other places around the world are also hotbeds of entertainment, including Cebu, Philippines, Busan Guangyeoksi in Korea, and Panama City. With hundreds and thousands of casinos and gaming options, it is not surprising that there are different roles and jobs in the gambling industry. Here are some positions you will come across in most big casinos.

Gaming Dealer

Dealers are tasked with comparing and checking players’ bets, inspecting cards, and dealing house hands and cards to players. They are also tasked with calculating losses and winnings, receiving wagers, and inspecting equipment. In case they notice scammers and deceptive practices, dealers must notify the pit supervisor. They conduct a variety of games that casinos offer, whether roulette, dice, keno, or togel sgp and exchange cash for coins and chips. When arguments or disputes occur, dealers notify the supervisor.

Blackjack Dealer

Blackjack dealers are tasked with collecting money from non-winners, paying winners, accepting wagers, and dealing. They notify the shift manager, team lead, and floor supervisor of guest requests, declined credit cards, gaming irregularities, and disputes that arise. Dealers have to be polite and social with players like maintaining good eye contact, thanking, and smiling. They must have thorough knowledge of games and their variations, policies, casino procedures, and guest service standards. In addition, dealers must have excellent good people, language, and math skills and a high school diploma or higher. Typically, dealers work in shifts, including on holidays, weekends, and evenings.

Sportsbook Writer

Sportsbook runners or writers post information to help customers make bets on different sporting events and races. They are also tasked with receiving, checking, and recording bets and keeping track of winnings and odds. This position requires knowledge of pay lines, point spreads, handicapping, and sports betting in general. About 1/3 of sportsbook runners also hold a Bachelor’s Degree in fields such as Marketing, Management, Business, Accounting, and Public Administration. More than half of them are male.

Other Positions

The list of jobs that you will find in a casino also includes teller, surveillance officer, and slot key personnel. Gambling establishments are also looking to hire:

  • Shuttle drivers
  • Security guards
  • Gaming managers
  • Cooks and chefs
  • Customer service representatives
  • Cocktail servers
  • Cashiers
  • Bartenders
  • Casino managers

Professionals employed by casinos are often working in smaller cities and towns as many establishments are found outside of big cities and major metro areas. Salaries vary widely depending on position, experience, and location. Gaming supervisors and managers are typically well-paid while dealers make good money through tips. Entry-level positions offer minimum wage or slightly above minimum.


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